The project aims to adjust and transfer genuinely Polish TECH of smart, agile and cost-effective public spaces retrofit. This is to be achieved by the pilot implementation of SEEDiA’s Smart Urban Furniture: the Smart Bus Shelter in Stefan Voda, the rayon city in SE of Moldova. The action is co-financed by the MFA of PL, being managed by UNDP under the Polish Challenge Fund Facility.

SEEDiA is a Polish company specializing in the design of Smart Cities , especially modern and innovative usable objects of small architecture powered by solar energy. The construction piloted at the Bus shelter in Stefan Voda is in progress at the moment. At the final stage the piloted technology should have the following features:

  • be energetically independent – relying completely on green energy sources (PVs), cutting energy costs for the municipality by 100% compared to a traditional bus stop.
  • Combine multifunctional smart benches to meet users’ needs – providing Wi-Fi access and charging ports, improving the quality of public space – providing a stimulus for social contact.
  • Increase accessibility of public commute information via the use of e-tables and voice announcements – of crucial importance for Ukrainian refugees (women and children) in Stefan Voda.
  • Serve to gather climate & air quality statistics (dust, C02, temperature) via integrated sensors and connects directly to a Smart Cities remote management platform (InCity), helping authorities to capture data and timely respond to local climate challenges.
  • Incorporate a rainwater collecting pipe with a capacity of up to 1000 L water used to irrigate the Stormgarden around the structure. The Stormgarden will allow water retention, decreasing air temperature and reducing the number of dust particles in the air.