The goal of the project implemented in 2015 by the Development Policy Foundation in partnership with PEIPSI CTC from Estonia and Polish NGOs – Towarzystwo Rozwoju Gminy Płużnica and Wąbrzeskie Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom Specjalnej Troski was to provide comprehensive institutional support – training and equipment to the Tajik NGO – Gulu Gyoh, as well as to involve volunteers in its activities.

In the frame of the project, capacity building workshops on project application writing and regional development strategies based on promoting local heritage were delivered to the NGO’s representatives. In addition, organization was provided with the necessary equipment – laptops and internet access.

In the area of Iskashim, internet access can be obtained properly only via the telephone network. The problem is the lack of data transmission in 3G technology. An additional barrier to access to the Internet is the price of data transmission – relatively high for the economic capabilities of the Pamir region residents (the equivalent of several dozen PLN per month when used limited to e.g. receiving electronic mail).

Internet access is crucial for the management of a non-governmental organization in Pamir, where the difficult climate conditions often make the road to the nearby city of Khorogh completely impassable. In this situation, the internet becomes the only channel of exchange of information, supplementing knowledge, establishing and maintaining partner contacts and informing about organization’s activities. It also allows volunteers to participate in international programs.


NGO’s official website has been created to be used, among others, by the organization’s volunteers to post information about Pamir local development actions and local traditions – including natural medicine and herbalism. An official video promoting the region was produced. During the study visit to Poland, the young leaders from Pamir took part in the training sessions related to local development activities coordinated by the organizations operating in the municipality of Płużnica.

Project was continuation of the Development Policy Foundation’s activities carried out in the region in 2013 in frame of ‘Bio- Badakhshan. Modern volunteering for inter-generational continuity and preservation of unique culture in the Ishkashim region’ project.