Transferring knowledge of modern rehabilitation methods for the benefit of mentally disabled residents of social care institution in Svir followed by the development of the most suitable for the institution therapy models were the main goals of the project implemented in 2012 by the Wąbrzeźno Association for Special Need Children. Development Policy Foundation co-authored the project and actively participated in its implementation. The project was financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs agreed to finance not only soft activities of the project including internship and job shadowing program for the trainers from centers caring for people with disabilities in Belarus, but also covered the costs of buying the basic equipment used by the institution in Svir during the project and after its completion, among others, equipment needed for conducting music therapy classes, aquariums for zootherapy and devices used during occupational therapy workshops.

Of course, the needs of this and similar centers in Belarus are far greater than the financial possibilities of one project. Therefore, project was only the beginning of close cooperation of therapists of the centers in Wąbrzeźno and Svir.

As part of the project, the experts from the Development Policy Foundation conducted intensive trainings in the field of obtaining grants for similar welfare institutions in Belarus, and presented the possibilities of raising funds from private sources and other sponsors. The result of the project was the initiation of full on-line documentation of the institution in Svir and the inclusion of its residents in the documentation process, becoming not only one of the forms of their rehabilitation, but also a way to overcome barriers, show institution’s community life, and in the long run – an incentive for business to get involved in helping them.

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