The main objective of the project implemented in Georgia by the Development Policy Foundation in cooperation with the Information Technology Center E-Misja was to support the development of civil society in rural areas of Kakheti region by strengthening the capacity of local NGOs, raising their competence in project design and management as well as reaching out to and engaging young people in work for communities they represent.

During ‘Fundraising Academy’ sessions selected for the participation young representatives of the local NGOs received training focused on preparing successful project application, aiming to increase trainees’ capacity in receiving funding for their future actions. ‘Fundraising Academy’ graduates and other NGOs in Georgia were also supported with the new online platform gathering information about available grants and ongoing calls for application. The website equipped with practical support tools like ‘Create application’ and ‘Expert support’ was prepared almost entirely in English with only few sections translated to Georgian, as it was assumed that English language skills are the absolute necessity to work in the international development. At the project final conference held on November 9 in Telavi invited guests could learn about the services offered by the Rural Support Center NGOs established as a part of the project and read the application forms prepared under the supervision of experts by the ‘Fundraising Academy’s’ Alumni. The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

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