Development Policy Foundation is proud to facilitate and streamline FORTESIE, implemented in Poland by Góra Kalwaria and “+48” Architectural Studio. The overall vision of FORTESIE is to design, demonstrate, validate and replicate innovative renovation packages in the building industry with Smart Performance-Based guarantees and financing, aiming at Efficient, Sustainable and Inclusive Energy (ESIE) use to accelerate the Renovation Wave in Europe. The renovation packages will combine state-of-the-art construction materials and technologies components (prefabricated facades, BIPV, heat pumps, etc.), innovative digital technologies for measurement and verification, and attractive financing (e.g. contractual frameworks for smart performance guarantees, financing mechanisms, engagement techniques, green-euros, etc.), to raise the overall EPC value proposition. The renovation packages will be tailored to specific target groups’ needs and optimized to improve ESIE performance considering energy, CO2, and comfort. Each package will be demonstrated and validated in real-life use cases and customized for replication in all other partner countries for immediate market take-up.

The FORTESIE proposed services will be demonstrated in various countries, namely Spain, Croatia, Poland, Portugal
Greece and Latvia and the versatile services will target different types of consumers such as, residential buildings, office
or commercial buildings, retail shops, energy cooperatives, and users of public pools.

The renovation package to be introduced in Poland, more precisely in Góra Kalwaria, concerns the retrofitting of a swimming pool to make it more sustainable and energy efficient. The innovative factor in this refurbishment project is that the architectural design and solutions are to be based on the analysis of users’ behaviors/activity at the swimming pool. Some of the planned works include exchanging the ventilation system and installing energy-monitoring appliances. Additionally, in the scope of the project, there is an idea to lower the water temperature three times a week in order to save energy. Swimming pool users will have the opportunity to share their opinion on the introduced changes through a specially designed application.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.