An ongoing project supported by the International Visegrad Fund aims to transfer, adjust, put into practice and further disseminate V4 lessons learnt in the field of tailored, systemic, diagnosis-based occupational therapy for mentally impaired, retarded and people with disabilities in Eastern Partnership countries, initially focusing on selected, both public and private, care institutions in Georgia, Moldova and Belarus. Eyeing long-term financial sustainability of implemented therapy process, the project struggles to embed and functionally integrate the rehabilitation, learning, activation and empowerment praxis into wider social entrepreneurship realm. Such being main-streamed as a realistic answer to deficits and malaises of persons with disabilities oriented care and therapy systems in three focal Eastern Partnership countries.


Project implemented by the Temi-Community in cooperation with Therapy Workshops in Wąbrzeźno (Poland), EPIC (Slovakia), Értetek Veletek Fogyatékosokért Közhasznú Alapítvány (Hungary), Caritas Moldova (Moldova), Casa Internat Pentru Copii Cu Deficiente Mintale (Moldova), Masterskaya Dobroe Delo (Belarus), State Disabled-Oriented Facility Dom Internat Svir (Belarus), LifeLine Gurjaani (Georgia) with the support of the Development Policy Foundation’s experts.


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