Project implemented by Tullstorpsån Ekonomisk Förening and supported by the Svenska institutet sought stimulating eco-social entrepreneurship in rural areas of the project countries – Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia. Project succeeded in creating and nourishing lasting and sustainable cooperation network of several NGOs & and tailored institutions in the targeted Baltic Sea and Eastern Partnership region enabling know-how and praxis knowledge sharing among the organizations from the area, e.g. by presenting and pooling of the best practices concerning rural eco-social entrepreneurship nexus.

In the frame of the project potential areas for future cooperation between the organizations within the consortium have been identified stimulating development and enhancement of various thematic partnerships between them. Several adaptable and easy adjustable projects proposals targeting the development of eco-social entrepreneurship in rural settings that could be implemented by the earlier identified partnerships of the established network organizations have been developed.


The consortia represents multi-sectoral partnerships, engaging different types of NGO (grass-root, operating on international level) both in EU countries including Development Policy Foundation, Therapy Workshops in Wąbrzeźno  and LGD ‘Vistula – Terra Culmensis’ (Poland), Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation and LAG Peipsi-Alutaguse Chamber of Cooperation (Estonia), Center for Regional Development ‘Top-Kaya’ (Ukraine), State Disabled-Oriented Facility Dom Internat Svir, Non-Governmental Organization ‘Ecohome’ and ‘Komarovo’ Rural Entrepreneurship Development Center.

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