Due to their complex and fragile political and socio-economic situation, caused by underdeveloped democratic and accountable civil society and local governmental institutions, along with a shortage of result-oriented actions undertaken to strengthen communitiessocial integrity, the disfranchised youth in the communities of Istanbul, district of Beyoglu, and Adana, district of Çukurova, have become unwilling and incapable to actively participate in civil society dialogue. 

Over the span of 12 months (April 2019 through March 2020), Youth Urban Action Lab aims at restoring disadvantaged youth’s trust in policy making through providing an innovative consultation formula (online based consultation tools, charrette public consultation event), building capacity of local CSOs, disfranchised leaders and local authorities to better represent the needs of disadvantaged youth groups (barriers identification, participation and co-design of the public space), and offering tangible results by implementing results of public consultations through participatory public space co-making under Urban Action Lab. CSOs, LAs, and informal group leaders, forming the Task Force, will be trained and involved in building cross-sectoral and international partnerships. 

The overall objective is to nourish a long-term, sustainable, result oriented civil society partnership between Turkey and EU contributing to Turkey-organized CS enhanced capacities to initiate and deliver a social change in partnership with other stakeholders at the local level. 

Project idea elaborated by the Development Policy Foundation in cooperation with TOÇEV-Tüvana Okuma İstekli Çocuk Eğitim Vakfı (Istanbul) and Flying Balloon Children and Youth Association (Adana).