Polish Entrepreneurial Success: Best Practices Of Effective Use Of European Funds

The project builds the image of Poland in the process of integration of the Western Balkan countries with the EU, with an indication of Poland’s experience in the modernization of rural areas and agriculture, i.e. a country that has successfully overcome the path of social, political and economic changes and is ready to share its unique experience and knowledge with this scope, as well as an important participant in the debate and international cooperation in the field of agriculture and rural development, with significant potential in the bilateral, regional and global dimensions.

Project draws on the question asked by the broad public in the Western Balkans: what are the benefits of EU membership for rural areas and its communities, farmers and entrepreneurs. The practical answer to this question brings the measurable success of the transformation of the Polish countryside, the modernization of Polish agriculture and agricultural processing, as well as Polish innovations implemented there.

The project includes a presentation, in-depth analysis and promotion among experts, opinion leaders and journalists of the best Polish experiences related to the transformation and modernization of villages and the benefits of EU membership in this area. The project includes a series of webinars with opinion leaders, journalists and representatives of organizations from Serbia, Bosnia and Albania, and further dissemination of project materials, available in national languages ​​also after the end of the project.

The project provides practical examples and benefits as well as addresses the issues pertaining to the EU association and future membership of the Western Balkans: rural identity, profitability of agricultural production, access to innovation, food security, production and supply stability. The example of Poland is particularly valuable here: where agriculture and the countryside have gone from being skeptical about integration to one of the sources of the greatest innovation and a symbol of the success of Polish transformation.

Project is co-financed by theMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Poland.