The project addresses climate change and weather extremities impact on Armenian micro and small scale agriculture. Increasing Armenian farmers’ climate change resilience via sharing Visegard 4 micro-scale, cost-effective know-how on-farms climate change adaptation. Doing that under On-Farm Climate Resilience Academy, an open-door, competitive, intensive capacity building training programme, run in a project incubator formula, partly on-line due to COVID, targeting young Armenian farmers.

The best project ideas by alumni – the graduates of the On-Farm Climate Resilience Academy – will be awarded micro grants to turn their idea into “a reality on the farms”. The on-farm pilots will serve a life learning & reference LAB, stimulating multiplication and leveraging publicity of tested solutions. The project will promote water harvesting and smart on-farm retention solutions, sustainable soil and erosion management praxis, further introduction of frost and drought resistant native crop varieties in innovative horticulture practices, supporting on-farm biodiversity and adding to landscape conservation effort.

The project is co-financed by International Visegrad Fund