Grant list

#CountryTitleCategory↑ DeadlineSourceDescription 
1MacedoniaCIVICA Mobilitas/ Повик за мали акциски грантови2017-06-30-
2MacedoniaU.S. Embassy/ Community Engagement Grants Program2017-07-14-
3AlbaniaEuropeAid/155863/DD/ACT/AL/ Support to Civil Society Organizations capacities2017-07-24-
4KosovoEuropeAid/153677/DD/ACT/XK/ Support to Civil Society and Media Initiatives2017-07-25-
5Macedonia, KosovoEuropeAid/156446/DD/ACT/XK/ Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Kosovo*- former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia under IPA II 2014 and 2015 allocations2017-07-28-
6AlbaniaEuropeAid/155607/DD/ACT/AL/ Strengthening Policy dialogue in reform processes2017-09-06-
7EU and Associating CountriesThe Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany/ International Cooperation in Education and Research – The Central, Eastern and South…2017-12-27-
8MacedoniaCIVICA Mobilitas/ Повик за ад хок грантови ЦМ-АДХ-012018-03-31-
9AlbaniaProduction and Dissemination of Audiovisual Products on EU IntegrationEducation---EUROPAID
10JamaicaStrengthening Patients' Rights in Maternal, Neonatal and Infant Health in Jamaica---EUROPAID
11NicaraguaApoyo al desarollo económico local a través del sector turístico: ruta colonial y de los volcanes Resultado 1---EUROPAID
12NicaraguaApoyo al desarollo económico local a través del sector turístico: ruta colonial y de los volcanes Resultado 2---EUROPAID
13The former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaBroadcasting the EU---EUROPAID
14TurkeySupporting the Effective Functioning of the General Directorate of Migration Management by Performing a Comprehensive Needs Assesment.---EUROPAID
15MoldovaTwinning project ''Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) system in the Republic of Moldova'' ---EUROPAID
16MadagascarProgramme d'appui aux fonds de développement agricole dans 5 régions du Sud de Madagascar - Relance pour le lot 1---EUROPAID
17MauritiusDirect Support to Micro Projects for Poverty Alleviation through improved delivery of social services and through the provision of complementary…---EUROPAID
18Papua New GuineaEuropean Instrument on Democracy and Human Rights---EUROPAID
19GeorgiaStrengthening Capacities of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) in Updating Incentive Based Electricity…---EUROPAID
20GeorgiaHarmonisation with EU norms of the legislation and standards of Georgia in the field of Civil Aviation.---EUROPAID
21AustriaKulturKontakt Austria/Cultural Cooperation----
22WorldwideThe Goethe-Institut’s Translation Grant----
23MacedoniaNetherlands Embassy/ Bilateral Co-operation Programmes ----
24MacedoniaU.S. Embassy Skopje/ Small Grants Program----
25AlbaniaU.S. Embassy, Tirana / Democracy Commission Small Grants Program----