Regional products in Moldova

Our publication about a successful process of registration of the first geographic indicators (except wine), in line with AA/ DCFTA, in Moldova - a project supported by Polish Aid 2015. Texts by: Wojtek Szpociński, Agata Koziej, Development Policy Foundation and Ilona Linczowska, Marcin Pilarski LAG Vistula Terra...


Regional products: V4 lessons learned for Georgia and Moldova

TheVisegrad Group countries experience in promotion and registration of the regional products you will find in the publication EU Protected Food Schemes. We recommend the texts of our authors: Aleksandra Piasecka, Agata Koziej, Wojtek Szpociński and Sylwia Szparkowska, as well as Jacek Kamiński representing +48 Design Group. The...


Kairouan Community Foundation

Our organizations representatives, as well as our partners NGO Pressclub Foundation, were elected members of the board of Kairouan Community Foundation – the first Tunisian law institution, which brings together representatives of local authorities, local NGO and local entrepreneurships. It was established to emphasize true...

Poland/ Belarus

Young photographers cooperation Hidden City Map

Join artistic project Hidden City Map for young people of the non-metropolitan cities in Poland and Belarus: Zhodino and Minsk Mazowiecki. See the film below and the web of the project: For futher inormation contact:...


Cross-border cooperation for biodiversity and sustainable development of environmentally sensitive & protected areas

The volume investigates agenda setting and evaluates implementation of EU assistance & cooperation tool kits in ENPI EAST/ Eastern Partnership area, focusing on cross-border cooperation (CBC) frameworks. The volume is primarily devoted to the sustainable development & environment oriented activities.


Regional products

Tastings of local products – attraction of a new culinary cycling route in Palanca

autor: Agata Koziej

 Inauguration of the expanded network of culinary cycling paths along with adjusting the information infrastructure, an expert panel on Geographic Indicators and local products fair were the main points of the program of the promotional event at the headquarters of the organization Casa Părintească in Palanca, in frames of the next activities under the project Moldavian Culinary Routes: micro-investments, promotion, registration.

The new culinary bike trail is 5 km long and runs around the village of Palanca, which is the seat of the partner organization Casa Părintească and the resulting Community Kitchen - also there was appointed the beginning of the route, where guests can rent bicycles and receive coupons for tasting. Along with the preparation of the new route, mobile application leasing through the routes has been adapted - now enriched with a new trail and information on participating manufacturers and their products. In front of each home of manufacturers on route, information boards with maps were installed. The route is furthermore marked. Renting a bike from Casa Părintească allows to three free tastings as part of the trail, on the basis of a special coupon. This form of verification is also used to assess the popularity of individual producers and their products - after completing the tour, tourists leave coupons with their votes in Casa Părintească. Basing on the number of votes, manufacturers will share the work space of Community Kitchen among themselves.

Furthermore, the main part of the renovation of Community Kitchen was completed. The process of strengthening the structure of the historic building, adjustment and montage of the installation came to an end. The next step will be the equipment of the kitchen according to the needs of local producers.

The kitchen in its present form is already beginning to serve as a space for workshops and conferences. It served as the venue of the event under another project, associated with the Foundation project - Rural development based on local products promotion within the EaP countries. Role of PGIs. Provisions & opportunities provided by the DCFTA, implemented within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. It was a one-day panel in the form of a round table on EU geographical designations of origin for agricultural products (GIs), good practices related to the registration of products, funding opportunities and technical aspects of the registration process. There were also recommendations given for the Moldovan producers interested in the registration of products. Experts from the Eastern Partnership countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia), as well as Moldovan manufacturers interested in the procedure of registration as a GI, representatives of the AGEPI (Agency of Intellectual Property Moldova), representative of National Food Safety Agency of Moldova, representatives of local authorities Călăraşi and journalists took part in the panel. The meeting was a supplement and technical support for Moldavian manufacturers interested in registration, approximation of procedures and challenges related to obtaining of GIs.

The inauguration of the new route was attended by representatives of partner organizations of the Foundation, journalists, representatives of local authorities and experts participating in the panel discussion Rural development based on local products promotion within the EaP countries. Role of PGIs. Provisions & opportunities provided by the DCFTA, held in parallel with the promotional event. The guests took a ride on the newly opened route, where they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the culinary traditions of the region.

The event of the inauguration of the trail was accompanied by the sale of products manufactured by the local producers and Casa Părintească. Flagship products of each producer can be tasted during the ride at the bike trail, as well as purchase at Casa Părintească under common brand - Culinary Routes of Călăraşi: Palanca Delights.

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