Regional products

Moldavian Culinary Routes - new edition

Further organisational and legal support for producers registering regional products as Geographic Indicators and extension of tourism and regional processing capacity in Câlârași region are the main objectives of Development Policy Foundation’s project implemented in Moldova in 2016.

The project “Moldovian...


Kairouan Community Foundation

Our organizations representatives, as well as our partners NGO Pressclub Foundation, were elected members of the board of Kairouan Community Foundation – the first Tunisian law institution, which brings together representatives of local authorities, local NGO and local entrepreneurships. It was established to emphasize true...

Poland/ Belarus

Young photographers cooperation Hidden City Map

Join artistic project Hidden City Map for young people of the non-metropolitan cities in Poland and Belarus: Zhodino and Minsk Mazowiecki. See the film below and the web of the project: For futher inormation contact:...


Cross-border cooperation for biodiversity and sustainable development of environmentally sensitive & protected areas

The volume investigates agenda setting and evaluates implementation of EU assistance & cooperation tool kits in ENPI EAST/ Eastern Partnership area, focusing on cross-border cooperation (CBC) frameworks. The volume is primarily devoted to the sustainable development & environment oriented activities.



Interventions in public space

autor: Aleksandra Piasecka

Design of civic monitoring tool, and then revitalization of a city area, chosen by the citizens of Gola Prystan, are the main activities of the project “Design the Change: Revitalisation of the Neighbourhood Coommon Space in Gola Prystan, Kherson oblast, Ukraine” implemented by our Foundation, and co-financed by the Polish Development Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

As a result, an Internet system of civil alerts was created (, thanks to which inhabitants of Gola Prystan can inform their local authorities about infrastructural problems which need to be dealt with (such as a damaged fence or lightening) by taking photos with their mobile phones and marking a place on the virtual city map. The systems tracks also interventions made by local authorities and places a tick next to solved problems. In two months of project implementation as many as 177 alerts have been put out, which proves that such a form of communication was not only needed but also very well-received.

On the basis of the submitted alerts 4 zones for a possible revitalization were singled out (a green embankment area, a main bus stop, the Alley of Fame and a ferry stop at the bank of the Konka River). During one month, 21 April -21 May 2015, citizens could cast their votes (in the online, SMS or paper-based ballot) for the zone they wanted to have revitalized. We are pleased to announce that the project enjoyed great popularity and no fewer than 430 of votes were recorded. The ferry stop was an indisputable winner.

The residents of Hola Prystan once again will be invited for public consultations and these suggestions will be subsequently taken into consideration during  architectural workshops run by professional in the following days, leading to a final plan of the area’s revitalization. Next, the concept thus worked out will be put into practice with the help of local volunteers and with support of the project financing. More info about the upcoming events available at our Facebook.

The project main partner is TOP Kaya and the city hall of Gola Prystan, and on the Polish side the city hall of Podkowa Leśna.